No catch limits on Boyne barra for commercial fishers

FOLLOWING The Observer's Tuesday story about concerns of overfishing barramundi in the Boyne River, a Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Queensland spokesman has confirmed there are no catch limits.

"(But) the commercial take of barramundi is limited by a restriction on the number of licences (and) the types of nets that can be used," he said.

"Barramundi size limits of 58-120cm apply to all fishers, including commercial."

The Boyne River is closed from September to April each year to ensure the sustainability of the fish species.

The DAFF Queensland spokesman said the State Government had no plans to change regulations.

"However, a $9 million buyback of netting licences is currently underway to reduce the total net fishing effort along the Queensland east coast," he said.

"Officers have conducted regular patrols of commercial fishing areas in Gladstone since the start of the barramundi season, and have confirmed compliance."

Statistics on recent barramundi commercial catches are not available because logbooks are submitted for the quarter.