Greg Dufty went missing on the Gold Coast.
Greg Dufty went missing on the Gold Coast. Supplied/QPS

No body, no parole - and with no lawyer there is no hearing

A KILLER has been told to get legal advice if he wants a chance at parole under "no body no parole" laws.

Clinton Earl Lee Stockman pleaded guilty last year to the manslaughter of Greg Dufty, who was burned on a pyre near Casino, northern NSW.

Under the new law, prisoners guilty of manslaughter or murder who want parole must do everything possible to reveal where a victim's remains are.

Stockman had no lawyer for Thursday's preliminary hearing.

"Legal aid is available...It would be unfair to you to proceed at this time," Parole Board Queensland President Michael Byrne said.

The Parole Board also had more material about the case to read, and Stockman had another court matter due on May 28.

So Stockman's hearing will now happen at a date to be decided after May 28. -NewsRegional