Toni Aldworth pleaded guilty to 22 offences.
Toni Aldworth pleaded guilty to 22 offences.

Nine-month crime spree catches up with Gladstone woman

A WOMAN who committed 22 offences in nine months has been released on probation after spending a week on remand.

Toni Raelene Aldworth’s offending started on November 9 last year, where with a co-accused, she stole $713 worth of tools from Bunnings.

When police recovered the items, the packaging had been removed.

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The stealing continued on March 30, this time at Big W.

Aldworth’s co-accused had found a receipt and Aldworth entered the store empty-handed, filled a trolley with the listed items, and went to the lay-by counter.

On April 29, Aldworth resisted arrest, planting her feet on the ground and pushing against police.

Once at the watch-house, police found a clip-seal bag with white residue, a glass pipe and a Swiss Army knife which Aldworth said she used for protection.

On May 5, Aldworth drove unlicensed and on an intercept on May 18 she was found with a glass pipe.

Between June 2 and 13, Aldworth entered a rental agreement for a car however didn’t pay and continued to use the car without returning the keys.

She stole $53.01 of fuel on June 5, and $6 of food on June 16.

On July 5, police were flagged down by members of the public as Aldworth was seen driving at dangerously high speeds, narrowly avoiding hitting people including a couple with a pram.

She was intercepted again on July 10 and found with a glass pipe, clip-seal bags, shortened straws and digital scales.

At the time she tested positive for methamphetamine.

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During the offending period she failed to appear in court a number of times.

Aldworth pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court last Friday to the string of offences.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said the 29-year-old mother was trying to clean up her act and wanted to work with the department of corrective services.

He said she was since in a new stable relationship.

Aldworth was sentenced to two years’ probation and disqualified from driving for six months.