THE nightmare is over for Denmark Hill's Thomas family with council accepting the umpire's decision to release their dog Bruce.

In a turnaround to comments made to the QT on Monday, Ipswich City Council Community Safety Committee chairman Andrew Antoniolli yesterday dismissed appealing a Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) ruling to overturn a destruction order on the dog.

Cr Antoniolli said the ruling did not present any dangerous precedent in relation to future attacks and incidents.

"Therefore council has decided not to pursue any appeal in relation to the outcome of this matter and accepts the QCAT ruling," Cr Antoniolli said.

"The ruling outlined a number of unique circumstances in this matter and council is confident none will impact on our continued efforts to act in relation to dangerous dogs."

In overturning the destruction order, the QCAT panel noted that "Bruce had been managed in a way consistent with community expectations for keeping dangerous dogs".

"It is not a situation where the Thomas' failed to keep Bruce enclosed," the panel ruled.

"He did not leave his enclosure and attack a person in the street. Bruce bit a person who entered the area in which he was enclosed, in disregard of extensive signage, prior warning, and internally fenced areas."

"There is no suggestion since the dangerous dog declaration that Bruce has at any time escaped the area in which he has been enclosed, thereby posing a risk to community health and safety."