Nightclubs, police hatch a plan

THE Gladstone nightlife scene has erupted in the past year, and with that has come unprecedented levels of drunken debauchery.

Sergeant Adam Tetley from Gladstone police puts it simply.

"We don't have enough police on the street to manage the level of issues we're seeing," he said.

"We already have five extra officers working on Friday and Saturday nights in the CBD."

It's not just the police struggling to cope with the unruly behaviour.

Last week representatives from three of the region's most popular night venues met with police in a bid to curb the violence.

Sgt Tetley said Bojangles Nightclub, The Reef Hotel and Central Lane Hotel had come up with a unified plan.

"Each of the licensees have come up with some voluntary restrictions to address the issue," Sgt Tetley said.

"Central Lane Hotel and The Reef will impose a 2am lockout and Bojangles will cease serving alcohol after 3.15am. This is what they've brought to the table of their own accord."

Sgt Tetley said the combined approach couldn't come soon enough.

"We're seeing record numbers of offences including public urination, public nuisance, assault and a number of others," he said.

Sgt Tetley acknowledged that there were additional contributing factors.

"We're all aware of the difficulty getting a cab in Gladstone," he said.

The new restrictions will begin from this Friday and they will be imposed for six weeks.

Changes to Gladstone Nightlife

From Friday, September 7, three of Gladstone's most popular venues will voluntarily impose new restrictions in a bid to reduce the increasing number of street offences

The Reef Hotel - 2am lockout

Central Lane Hotel - 2am lockout

Bojangles Nightclub - will not serve alcohol after 3.15am