Senator Nick Xenophon rounds up the escaped sheep north of Los Angeles.
Senator Nick Xenophon rounds up the escaped sheep north of Los Angeles. Stephen Lloyd

Nick flocked as he goes Bo Peep

NICK Xenophon's latest political stunt has turned to chaos after the controversial senator was forced to chase stray sheep through suburbs north of Los Angeles.

Mr Xenophon, who has become known for his political stunts, staged a protest with a flock of sheep to back a small Aussie businessman locked in a "David versus Goliath battle” with a US shoe giant over Ugg boots.

The South Australian senator - who dropped a bombshell last week when he announced he would resign from federal politics to run for state parliament - set up a pen of sheep yesterday outside the Californian headquarters of Deckers Outdoor Corporation that holds trademark rights to the Ugg boot name in most overseas markets.

Deckers are based in Santa Barbara county just north of LA.

Senator Xenophon weighed in to the fight to support Australian Ugg boot manufacturer Eddie Oygur, who Deckers is suing for millions of dollars for alleged breach of trademark.

Police were called out to the protest, as the activists camped out with signs saying: "Deckers - a global giant stomping on Eddie's small fair dinkum Down Under business”.

However the stunt didn't end there - the sheep escaped and used nearby roads to get to graze in a reserve.

Police asked Senator Xenophon to round up the sheep.

In footage of the incident Mr Xenophon can be seen chasing the errant animals before they are rounded up and shepherded back into their transport.

"It's a real David versus Goliath battle,” Senator Xenophon told Channel Seven's Sunrise from California.

"It's about bringing back Ugg to Australia so Australian companies can make ugg boots and export them to the world,” he said.

Senator Xenophon said not many people realised Deckers manufactured the boots in China and Vietnam and simply branded them as Australian ugg boots.

The senator paid for the trip out of his own pocket.

- Claire Bickers