Fahim Saleh. Picture: Facebook
Fahim Saleh. Picture: Facebook

‘Next Elon Musk’ found dismembered in NYC apartment


The body of a wealthy young technology entrepreneur nicknamed "the next Elon Musk" has been found decapitated in his luxury New York apartment, police said.

Fahim Saleh, 33, was found dismembered with his body parts in plastic bags in his $A3.8m Manattan home.

An investigation is under way but no arrests have yet been made, the spokeswoman added.

The New York Times reported that detectives found an electric saw near Saleh's torso. His head and limbs were found elsewhere in the apartment.

Saleh's sister discovered his body before calling the police.

Fahim Saleh. Picture: Facebook
Fahim Saleh. Picture: Facebook

Police have not given a motive for the murder but the Daily News said investigators believed it may have been over a business dispute.

Saleh, the son of Bangladeshi immigrants, was CEO of Nigerian motorcycle ride-hailing and delivery app Gokada.

"Fahim was a great leader, inspiration and positive light for all of us. Fahim's vision and belief in us will be with us forever, and we will miss him dearly," Gokada said on its Twitter account.


He was also a founding partner of Adventure Capital, which invests in start-ups in developing countries.

According to local media reports, Saleh recently purchased the apartment where he was murdered for about $A3.5m.

The killer was apparently interrupted when the sister of Saleh arrived at the apartment and found his remains in plastic bags.

His limbs had been severed and his head had been cut off from his torso.

Saleh, 33, was known for investing in developing countries and businesses.

Among his businesses was a motorbike taxi hailing in Nigeria which had recently encountered financial hardship, and he had also invested in ride-sharing companies in Colombia.

The tech CEO who was decapitated and dismembered in his Lower East Side apartment was a rising entrepreneur - who loved his adopted home of New York City.

Fahim Saleh, the New York entrepreneur murdered in his Manhattan apartment. Picture: Facebook
Fahim Saleh, the New York entrepreneur murdered in his Manhattan apartment. Picture: Facebook

Born in Saudi Arabia to a Bangladeshi family, Fahim Saleh moved around before his family eventually settled on Rochester, New York, according to a 2016 blog post. He attended grade school in Poughkeepsie in upstate New York, then went on to study at Bentley University in Massachusetts.

But it was the Big Apple that captured his heart.

The tragic 33-year-old tweeted a night-time shot of his luxury East Houston Street apartment building - where police discovered his chopped-up body scattered in garbage bags in his seventh-floor apartment on Tuesday.

"My home," the venture capitalist wrote with a heart emoji in December after recently moving into the condominium.

He founded Gokada, the Nigeria-based motorcycle ridesharing company, in 2018 and took over as CEO last year. He recently helped transition Gorkada to delivery service.

He also launched venture capital firm Adventure Capital in 2018 and served as CEO at Kickback Apps, an entertainment app company.

Saleh co-founded ride-hailing company Pathao in his parents' home country of Bangladesh in 2015, calling it the "most well-funded start-up in Bangladesh".


Fahim Saleh. Picture: Facebook
Fahim Saleh. Picture: Facebook

He also said he was an investor in Picap, Colombia's largest motorcycle ride-sharing company.

A longtime pal described Saleh as "the Elon Musk of the developing world."

"He was like the Energiser Bunny," the friend said. "He played ukulele … he was so full of ideas."

In November, Saleh tweeted about his experience doing business in Nigeria following a run-in with Nigerian authorities, who took his passport.

Saleh was last seen around 1:40pm. Monday at his apartment building. Surveillance video showed him getting into an elevator - which opens right into his apartment - and his suspected murderer also getting in with a bag in hand, sources said.

As soon as the doors open to Saleh's apartment, the suspect can be seen attacking him.

One source said the slaying appeared "professional" - noting that there was almost no blood in the apartment, which hadn't been looted.




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