Newman wages sad war on footy journo

Sam Newman is going to go down swinging.

The controversial former AFL player and Channel 9 star is picking a fight with Caroline Wilson now his television career has come to an end.

Newman parted ways with Nine after making explosive comments about George Floyd, the American man who died in police custody and ignited the Black Lives Matter movement across the world.

The 74-year-old ex-Geelong Cats player described Floyd as a "piece of s***" and saw Nine get push-back from some sponsors.

Wilson and Newman are old sparring partners dating back to his time with the Footy Show and she was one of the more vocal critics of his comments about Floyd.

"Sam, you've got a terrible history in the area of race relations, and you've done it again, unleashing a series of bitter and divisive rants," she said on Footy Classified before Newman left Channel 9.

"What an unfortunate piece of timing that the Sunday Footy Show decided to bring you back this week and portray you as the venerable football bead after you had unleashed so much bitterness."

At the time Newman pointed to skeletons in Wilson's closet, tweeting: "What a piece of work Caroline Wilson is … Check HER record on disabled sport and fellow women commentators. You'll be staggered."

Now he believes he's been supplied the evidence.

Newman's first attempt at holding Wilson responsible for a headline looks pretty desperate given it could have been written by anyone at The Age and could certainly have been published without her having to OK it.

The second tweet references a clumsy comment by Wilson during an appearance on the ABC's Offsiders in 2008. You can watch it in the video player above.

When a follower suggested Newman was spending his new-found free time crawling through Wilson's archives he replied: "Only what gets sent to me. Totally unaware, usually. Enjoyable, though."


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