Queensland Premier Campbell Newman
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman Max Fleet

No to Palmer: Queensland to remain one state

Errr, no. Premier Campbell Newman has ruled out supporting splitting Queensland, a la Palmer United Party policy, as he doesn't believe Queenslanders want it.

Sole remaining Queensland Palmer United Party MP Carl Judge floated the idea, which has been present in political discourse since Queensland became a state, on Tuesday and said it would be a key part of the PUP policy platform.

But Mr Newman said it wasn't suggested as part of the Queensland Plan process and concluded it was not something Queenslanders really wanted.

"We have a really good plan for a strong united Queensland and at any time, by the way, people could have put things like that," he told Fairfax Radio 4BC Afternoons.

"In fact one of the things I did, provocatively at the Mackay kick-off conference, I said 'do we need state governments any more in Australia?' and everyone sort of looked at me and said 'as we were saying', and they ignored that.

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