Govt refuses to release studies backing asset sales

THE State Government is refusing to divulge the scoping studies that brought about the decision to sell off or lease assets in Queensland as part of dealing with $80 billion of state debt.

Premier Campbell Newman on Tuesday avoided telling parliament why his government would not release asset sales scoping studies, despite the previous state government and the Federal Government doing so.

Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt asked the Premier: "If the Abbott government and the previous state government can release the cost of asset sales scoping studies, will the Premier explain why his government cannot?"

Mr Newman said Mr Pitt had been incorrectly advised on past experience. He then began talking about the government's Strong Choices policy.

"We have a plan to deal with $80 billion worth of debt, and we have a plan to invest $8.6 billion in the infrastructure that this state needs," he said in Question Time yesterday.

"The credit card is maxed out, thanks to those opposite."