Newborn nearly died after wrongly registered as a boy

Two weeks later - Kristina rushed her tiny baby to hospital to discover the unbelievable truth. 

Maxim was "fading" day by day, and two weeks after he was born - his concerned mother Kristina rushed him to hospital.

But when they arrived to the hospital, in Kazakhstan, a bombshell of the most extraordinary proportion was dropped on Kristina.

Her tiny son was in fact - a girl.

At birth, doctors missed that the infant was suffering from adrenogenital syndrome, which led to enlarged sexual organs.

The baby's enlarged clitoris and vulva caused by the rare condition had been misdiagnosed as a penis.

Only when details of the case were sent to Russian specialists was the correct diagnosis given and the baby girl was saved with the correct medication.

The 24-year-old mother had named her baby Maxim straight after birth - but she immediately renamed her Anna, once she found out.

Her daughter is now seven months old and very much a happy little girl.

"She is a girl by her laughter, behaviour and even by her scream," Kristina said.

"I have an elder son and I clearly understand if my child is a girl or a boy.

"She totally looks like a girl, she just has an enlarge clitoris."

However, red tape meant that Anna's birth certificate says she is a boy and there was no easy way to change the crucial official document.

So Kristina had to go to court where a judge ordered that a new birth certificate be issued.

Anna is now on medication and is expected to undergo surgery when she is aged between 18 months and two years.

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.