Report to reveal how business is coping with downturn

THE Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry will produce a subsequent report to the Boom or Bust Gladstone Region Business Study.

The new Boom, Bust or Reset Gladstone Region Business Study will reveal how businesses have coped with the recent industrial downturn, and compare the results of the primary study.

The study showed some businesses struggling in light of the boom, while others thrived.

Boom or Bust had businesses respond to a survey that asked respondents to answer questions regarding current issues, forecasts for the future of business and if they were members of any of the three peak business organisations in Gladstone.

Many businesses responded that their major issues were decrease in work, high costs and staff issues.

However, 52% of respondents still stated that their business had benefited from the industrial boom.

With 212 survey respondents, it was the largest business survey ever undertaken in Gladstone.

The new Boom, Bust or Reset study is expected to gain even more survey responses from local businesses.

The GCCI is working towards comparing the results from the Boom or Bust study, and also providing a report on how well businesses are currently operating in the new study.

GCCI is excited to continue its partnership with Australia Pacific LNG on this project, in collaboration with Gladstone Engineering Alliance and Gladstone Area Promotion Development Ltd.