Study shows we have the best paid pollies on the planet

AUSTRALIAN MPs are among the best paid on the planet after pocketing a hefty pay rise earlier this month, new research shows.

Federal backbenchers take home $195,130 - almost double that earned by British MPs and nearly three times the national average full-time wage. reports that in comparison the average AFL player, however, pulls in about $251,559.

A report tabled in the British House of Commons this week as part of a proposal to index UK MP's annual wage increases to the growth in average earnings, shows that only Italian MP's earn more than their Australian counterparts.

Federal politicians pocketed a 2.4% pay rise this month, turning Prime Minister Kevin Rudd into Australia's first political half-million dollar man.

This was the third pay rise for Federal MPs in the past 16 months, delivering a salary boost of $54,220 or more than $1000 a week since March last year.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott's salary has risen to $360,990.

This is just below the $400,000 earned by US President Barack Obama but well above UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who earns around a paltry $235,000 compared to his counterparts.

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This poll ended on 19 August 2013.

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Bless 'em ... they're worth every cent


It's necessary - we know what happens when you pay peanuts


It's pretty hard to justify


What?? While we're struggling to get by??


Looks like we've got a bunch of richer monkeys


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Queensland MPs copped an enormous public backlash after acting Premier Jeff Seeney announced a 41% increase in salaries, adding at least $57,000 a year to packages.

Mr Seeney has since said he had "no idea" of the exact details of the pay rises before agreeing to the move and flagged changes when parliament resumes next month.

Sunshine Coast independent MP Peter Wellington has called for the pay rise to be thrown out when Parliament resumes next month.

Under the changes, Premier Campbell Newman's annual salary jumped to $398,271 - up from $280,648 - while his ministers will take home $315,080, a $93,054 increase.

On top of salaries, each MP also receives an electoral allowance as well as a host of other entitlements.