CRIPPLING: Back-pain affects thousands of Australians.
CRIPPLING: Back-pain affects thousands of Australians. mactrunk

New service in Gladstone for people suffering pain

ONE in five Australians are currently living with persistent pain and reports predict this number will rise to five million by 2050.

To help those suffering from persistent pain, Discount Drug Stores at Boyne Tannum is offering a new service in pain management, designed to help those suffering from persistent pain learn how to better manage symptoms and potentially treat the underlying cause.

Discount Drug Stores pharmacist and national pharmaceuticals manager, Stephenie Shea says it's important to understand that persistent pain can often be better managed.

"We believe up to 80 per cent of those affected miss out on or don't seek treatment, so it's best to seek advice before it takes a toll on your quality of life,” Ms Shea said.

"One in five GP consults is because of persistent pain, but it remains a neglected area of healthcare with only 10 per cent of people affected currently accessing effective treatment.

"By going beyond simply dispensing scripts to patients and offering easily accessible consults and advice to those suffering, we will not only be supporting doctors to tackle this issue but patients can have greater access to learn how they can better manage their condition.”

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The consults will be run in partnership with Painwise Australia and consist of a one-on-one consultation conducted by qualified pharmacists.

It is estimated persistent pain costs the average Australian $10,847 each year.

"Many suffer through the pain without realising their condition can be more easily managed and potentially treated,” said Ms Shea.

"Persistent pain can affect anyone, no matter their age or gender and we encourage those who are suffering to visit our store and learn how we can help support them to treat or better manage their condition.”

Consultations are $9.95.