Lake Callide Retreat had its barramundi size record broken on Monday night after Jason Ehrlich landed this monster 125cm fish.
Lake Callide Retreat had its barramundi size record broken on Monday night after Jason Ehrlich landed this monster 125cm fish.

NEW RECORD: 125cm barra caught at Lake Callide

JASON Ehrlich says he will never better his latest barramundi personal best, having reeled in a 125cm monster at Lake Callide Retreat on Monday.

Mr Ehlrich said he had to “wind for his life” to keep the huge fish on his line, having only been fishing on the lake for a short time.

“In my 20 years of barramundi fishing I have had a few 1.19 metres, a couple of 1.15 metres but never a 1.25m barra,” he said of the monster specimen which was released to fight another day.

Mr Ehlrich caught the big barra, which set a new record for Lake Callide Retreat’s biggest barra ever recorded, on a soft plastic swim-bait lure.

He was using 50 pound braid fishing line and the fight lasted about five minutes.

Mr Ehlrich said tongue in cheek that his three-week fishing trip had been “ruined” because the prized catch happened on night one of the trip.

“It was awesome, normally you have to travel to the northern lakes to catch barramundi like that,” he said.
“It just shows there is so much promise in the southern lakes like Gladstone and Callide this barramundi season.”

Mr Ehlrich’s message for those sitting at home wondering how he did it was to get out there and have a go.

“You don’t know how long barra like that are going to be around,” he said.

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Lake Callide Retreat caretaker Kerry Laughton said they felt a wave of excitement sweep through the retreat once news of the big catch reached the shore.

“It is excellent, there are so many big barramundi out there but that one is the biggest we have seen,” Ms Laughton said.
“It is very exciting and it is a massive fish.”

Ms Laughton said everyone in town was talking about it, with Jason fishing with a few mates when the tussle with the monster fish started.

“Rumours travel fast everywhere, I think,” she said.

“Especially when there is a record broken (Lake Callide Retreat’s biggest barra ever recorded). “Everyone came in to confirm the record was broken.”

Ms Laughton said big catches like Jason’s definitely helped increase the flow of visitors to the retreat, as everyone wanted to try their hand at catching the next monster fish.

“Barramundi fishing season will go from now until the end of May, so we were expecting a steady increase of visitors anyway.

“Big catches like Jason’s definitely help spread the word that there are big barra to be caught at Lake Callide.”

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