New rules to reduce alcohol related violence
New rules to reduce alcohol related violence John Lund/Annabelle Breakey

New pub rules: No shots, only four drinks after midnight

ALCOHOL fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour in the Tweed has prompted the Tweed Heads-Tweed Coast Liquor Accord to introduce voluntary terms of operation for licensees.

The Accord adopted the terms following consultations with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing and NSW Police.

Tweed Heads-Tweed Coast Liquor Accord Chairperson Rob Smith announced the terms and encouraged venues to get on board.

Measures that may prove unpopular with party-hard revellers include banning alcoholic 'shots' and ready-to-drink beverages with more than 6% alcohol, a four drink limit per person after midnight and refusing entry to those drinking on approach to venues.

But few could argue with other terms presented, including promoting a designated driver campaign, hospitality training, education campaigns, cross-border issues workshops and the preservation of violent incident scenes to assist police investigations.

Mr Smith said the terms were aimed at "maintaining a responsible and sustainable licensed entertainment sector that adds to the vibrancy of the Tweed region and economy".

"Tweed licensees can play a vital role in proactively managing potentially negative issues associated with alcohol by ensuring venues are well managed, promoting safe transport options, and assisting in community education to encourage responsible and healthy behaviour."

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