Jo McCartin holds some jewellery that will be up for auction which was seized or handed in to Queensland police.
Jo McCartin holds some jewellery that will be up for auction which was seized or handed in to Queensland police.

New portal makes it easy to get lost property back

EVERY person across the Gladstone region and Central Queensland will experience the devastation of losing something during their lives and now there is a new way to potentially get your property back.

Queensland police will launch a new online property reporting platform tomorrow, aimed at returning some of the 38,500 items that are reported to police every year as lost across the state.

This will allow frontline police more time to proactively fight and investigate crime, resulting in safer communities, Acting Superintendent Kevin Fitzgibbon said.

Two valuable benefits of the portal are that it provides an instant report number for insurance claims, plus it provides police with your contact details if the property is found.

Lost and unclaimed property earns the government hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars every year, when it is sold at auction.

On August 31, Queensland police held its last “Seized Property and Unclaimed Jewellery” auction through Lloyds.

Hundreds of items including jewellery, currency, tools, bikes, electronics, cars, motorcycles, scooters and more were auctioned, with the government keeping the proceeds.

This new online portal is a way you can get your property back, (provided it is handed in by an honest person) rather than the government profiting from your stressful loss.

The portal is expected to save police officers 8100 hours per year, streamlining more than 38,500 reports received via phone and to stations each year.

Acting Superintendent Kevin Fitzgibbon said the new online reporting system would provide a more instantaneous service for community members who currently contact Policelink via phone or attend a police station to report lost property.

“This new system saves valuable policing time and resources that were previously allocated to lost property reporting and provides better service to the public with a report number to their nominated email address within minutes,” Acting Superintendent Fitzgibbon said.

“In 2019, police took more than 38,500 lost property reports which resulted in 8123 hours of time spent lodging those reports.

“This new system will allow us to redirect resources to frontline officers that will allow us to strengthen the service’s capability to prevent, disrupt, respond and investigate crime all while providing a better service to the community.”

To report lost property through the portal visit the website.

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