MP to send out new survey on marriage equality

FEDERAL MP Ken O'Dowd is set to send a survey to 60,000 Gladstone region households to get an up to date view from voters on marriage equality.

Mikayla Glossop is one resident keen to see Mr O'Dowd's latest survey in her letterbox next week.

While our federal member is doubtful residents will vote for same-sex marriage, a poll on The Observer's website this week showed a different trend.

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Ms Glossop shares two daughters, aged 1 and 3, with her female partner Emilie.

"I don't think we should be penalised for something we can't help," she said.

"We had our kids knowing we weren't treated as equal, but then when you have to teach them to treat everyone the same, it's hard.

"There are families and kids involved in this that love each other very much. That's what people who oppose it don't realise.

Already more than 600 readers have responded to our online poll.

It posed the question: Would you like Ken O'Dowd to vote for or against same sex marriage?

Only 18% voted against, and 77% were for, while 4% said they were not interested in the debate.

Last time Gladstone's federal member posed the question to the region, 1600 people replied, with the majority opposing a change.

Residents will have another chance to have their say when Mr O'Dowd sends out 60,000 surveys.

He doesn't expect many people to have changed their minds.

"If they don't send it back we'll put those people down as they don't care one way or the other," he said.

The survey questions:

  • Should there be a change to Marriage Act?
  • Do you want daylight saving?
  • More dams built on our water courses?

What you said on Facebook about Mr O'Dowd's views:

David Laurance: I think the 60's called they want their views back.

Renae Ashleigh Platen: I think perhaps a new survey should be conducted!

Melissa Sweeney: The only people who will be effected by marriage equality are those who cannot be legally married now. A same sex couple is recognised as defacto by all government agencies and same sex couples can live together and raise their children without interference, it makes no sense that they cannot be married.

Joel Breslin: No offense to gays but marriage is not for you. It's for a man and a woman ........

Vicky Taylor: The value placed on love and equality should not be decided by politics, they are basic everyday expectations in this day and age, and so they should be. A loving relationship with a partner (male or female) is so hard to find, why should politics stand in the way of them announcing to their family and friends that they wish to make a public commitment to cement it. This is not a choice based on what the politicians believe in - it is what the public want, we voted you in - do your job and represent us!

Yoshie Glover: Yeh.. not much has changed since then.. I cant belive it's 2015 and we're still acting as if we are still in the 50s.

Grant William Nichols: Who cares who supports it or not. Anyone should be able to marry who they want. It's a basic human right, which should be available to everyone...

Ryann Curtis: Being a gay man myself I definitely support it!! It's time people get with the times. At the end of the day love is love .

Sarah Rookes: See beyond 'gay marriage' & support 'equality'!!!! Seeing the supportive comments makes me proud and comfortable to live here in Gladstone.

David Weir: It is not for me. I don't think it's right, in fact I think it is wrong. That is my personal view, but as we live in a democracy the majority will decide I guess.

Michelle Edgar: It's very simple - if you don't want Gay Marriage, don't have one.

Christopher Brett: Said 1994........

Federal Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd believes people in the Gladstone region don't support same-sex marriage, based on a 2011 survey. What do you think? Which way do you want him to vote?

Posted by The Observer on Wednesday, June 3, 2015