New info sparks misconduct investigation against Driscoll

Scott Driscoll
Scott Driscoll Contributed

QUEENSLAND'S crime and misconduct watchdog has teamed with police to investigate fraud and official misconduct allegations levelled against beleaguered Redcliffe MP Scott Driscoll.

The Crime and Misconduct Commission, in a statement issued on Wednesday, said new information had sparked the joint misconduct investigation but would not reveal the source.

The organisation had earlier dismissed information from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services after concluding it did not show official misconduct and therefore fell outside its jurisdiction.

"The CMC takes the position ... all allegations should be treated as unsubstantiated until a final outcome is reached," the statement read.

Mr Driscoll has been at the centre of serious allegations relating to his leading role with the Regional Community Association of Moreton Bay.

It has been reported Mr Driscoll's wife's company profited about $120,000 in consultancy fees for work completed for the RCAMB.

News Limited also reported Mr Driscoll set up phone lines from his electorate office so staff could conduct business for the Queensland Retail Traders and Shopkeepers Association, which he headed before election as an MP.

Mr Driscoll claimed the phone lines formed a "community hub" for local groups to use.

He was suspended from the LNP a month ago and moved to the cross benches.

Then last week - in a bizarre rant suggesting he was being accused of Jedi mind control, having a bat cave and comparing himself to Dr Evil stroking a hairless cat - Mr Driscoll resigned from the LNP, just before an expulsion hearing had been set.

The CMC said it would not comment further while the investigation was ongoing.