New hub to help develop Aboriginal small businesses

A $300,000 hub to help Yarrabah people create viable small businesses has been revealed.

Innovation Minister Kate Jones yesterday announced funding for the first innovation and entrepreneurship hub in the indigenous community east of Cairns.

Ms Jones visited Yarrabah yesterday to unveil the funding for the hub to help small businesses to expand and employ more people.

A bird’s eye view of the Yarrabah indigenous community. Picture: ROGER HUNT
A bird’s eye view of the Yarrabah indigenous community. Picture: ROGER HUNT

"The Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council and the Yarrabah Leaders' Forum are working to invigorate the local economy, with a focus on traditional knowledge and ingenuity," she said.

"The Yarrabah Leaders' Forum is looking to deliver a tailored business program for the community, including the provision of mentoring and business coaching, to support local entrepreneurs and innovators so they can get their businesses up and running.

"This program is one of many that will be run out of the new Yarrabah Accelerator and Innovation Hub."


Innovation Minister Kate Jones
Innovation Minister Kate Jones

The forum has partnered with the Melbourne Business School to run their MURRA indigenous Business Program.

Ms Jones said supporting successful indigenous businesses to start up would lead to a culture of employment and increased economic security within the community.

"This community has so much to offer. The hub we've announced today will provide training opportunities for small businesses to gain a foothold and grow in this region," she said.