Property developer's plan to build new homes in Gladstone

A DEVELOPER whose Telina housing estate plans were rejected the first time around is hopeful a new and downsized proposal will be more popular.

In 2014 a plan to develop 46 small houses and town houses on a parcel of land on Bradford Rd, Telina, was knocked back by the council, because it did not suit "the character of the area".

In 2014: Council knocks back housing development in Telina

Now the developer has more than halved his proposal to 22 town houses, and the council is keen to hear what residents have to say.

Gladstone region mayor Matt Burnett still has concerns, questioning the need for more houses on the market.

"We actually don't need new lots on the market," Cr Burnett said.

Photos of Telina, Gladstone. December 01, 2016.
Photos of Telina, Gladstone. December 01, 2016. Mike Richards GLA011216TELINA

"I would guess this developer may just be getting his ducks in a row so he is ready when the market is."

The first proposal included the subdivision of the 2.32ha site at 37 Bradford Rd into 14 small housing lots, and three larger allotments for 32 town houses.

"They were trying to overdevelop the site and it didn't suit the character of the area," Cr Burnett said.


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Cr Burnett, who was the regional strategy portfolio spokesman at the time, said concerns were raised by neighbouring residents too.

"Our planning department have worked with them over a considerable period to come up with a more acceptable design."

Cr Burnett said he was keen to see the Planning Report for the development, which would give more insights into what to expect.


Suburb Profile Telina. Photo: Rosie O'Brien/The Observer
A proposal to build 22 new houses in Telina has landed in the council's hands. Rosie O'Brien

He's expecting to see it when the comment period is finished next month.

Proposal consultant Deepak Kumar said they were hopeful the new plans would be more popular with residents and the council.

The Santoshi Development Consultant director said the 22-home plan was "still in early stages".

"We have to be confident," he said.

"We've spoken to the council and negotiated with them to deliver something that's more suitable for the area."

The comment period for the proposal to reconfigure the 2.32ha Bradford Rd site into 22 lots is open until March 14.

Written comments can be sent to:

The Assessment Manager, Gladstone Regional Council, 101 Goondoon St, PO Box 29, Gladstone, QLD, 4680.

Alternatively right 4970 0700.