New disaster guide delivered to every home in the region

Gladstone Regional Council's new disaster and emergency guide 'READY?' will be delivered to every home in the area this week, in the lead up to the 2015-16 cyclone season.

The season officially begins in November, so the guide's arrival will give residents a timely reminder of the importance of planning and preparation.

Mayor Cr Gail Sellers has thanked LNG company QGC for collaborating with the council on the publication to enhance community wellbeing.

The booklet was produced with funding support from QGC's Sponsorship and Donations program.

"Our weather patterns are bringing more intense events, so we need to be ready for any emergency situation," Cr Sellers said.

"Council will always be proactive in urging advanced preparation and community resilience, and this guide is an important part of that awareness campaign."

The booklet features detailed checklists to help residents prepare home emergency and evacuation plans, as well as outlining what to put in an emergency kit to take with them.

Previous Council action such as the installation of automatic flood gates' in the Miriam Vale area, the Early Warning Network service, live camera feeds, road condition reports and flood mapping data will also assist with maintaining a safe community.

Deliveries of the guide will begin today and continue throughout the week.