Stephanie Bennett's journey with health and wellbeing started simply with a love of food, and eating.

It was this passion for food, and a fascination with the human body that led her to the world of nutrition and dietetics.

Now, the dietitian has started a new job where she hopes to transform Toowoomba's view on what health and wellbeing really is.

After living and working on the Sunshine Coast, she made the move back to her home town to begin work at The Fit Lab.

Moving back to Toowoomba and working as a dietitian has presented a world of challenges and rewards.

"Some people come to me for weight loss, so if I can get them some sustainable weight loss, not just a fad diet, that's really rewarding," she said.

"Some people that have been suffering a lot with gastrointestinal upsets, so bloating, IBS symptoms - it really can affect their quality of life.

"Just making some small tweaks to their diet can make all the difference and improves their quality of life significantly."

Recent data from the chief health officer said Darling Downs residents are among the most unhealthy residents in Queensland.

The region ranked one of the worst in the state for their fruit and vegetable consumption, as well as their exercise rates.



This trend of unhealthy eating has been apparent to Mrs Bennett from day one.

"We've got an environmental factor playing on us a lot," she said.

"We have fast food, the activity culture is not as big here, the meal delivery services are around more lately.

"We've got a really busy lifestyle and people really struggle to implement healthy lifestyle changes.

"Eating is one part of it but addressing all the other parts of it, all of that needs to tie in together."

She said health and wellbeing could never come in a "one size fits all" mould - it's multifaceted.

"Health and wellbeing is finding your individual place where you're happy and content - it's your diet, and asleep, and exercise, and social interactions, and bringing health and wellbeing from that.

"Focusing on small, sustainable things you can add to the diet sort of kickstarts those health habits and kickstarts you on your journey to making healthy choices."

Originally published as New dietitian: 'Health is about more than just losing weight'