PJ Sobhanian can’t wait for his new dental clinic on Sun Valley Rd to be open.
PJ Sobhanian can’t wait for his new dental clinic on Sun Valley Rd to be open. Brenda Strong

New clinic’s chair centre of attention

THE dentist was a very excited man as he looked at his fancy new toy in his soon-to-be-completed clinic.

The toy was not a fire truck.

It is a brand-new dentist's chair, imported from the United States and capable of delivering a soothing body-massage while your teeth are being examined.

The new chair, with all sorts of unexpected features, is definitely impressive, but not as exciting as the news a new dental clinic is on the way for Gladstone.

Dentist PJ Sobhanian has been working for six months to realise his dream of launching a dental clinic in Gladstone.

When The Observer visited his new premises, it was in the midst of a complete renovation. The only sign of anything "dental" was the glorious chair waiting to be installed.

In one sense, the clinic was born in an instant.

"It was the first Tuesday of May this year," Mr Sobhanian said of the moment he decided to establish his first clinic after many years in the profession. Since that special Tuesday he has worked flat-out to make the dream a reality. He said building a new venue from scratch meant he could create the perfect clinic.

"This will be the best-fitted clinic I have ever been involved in," he said.

Mr Sobhanian has spoken to two other Queensland-trained dentists he plans to bring on board after the clinic settles in.

Reason to smile

PJ Sobhanian's new dental clinic will open in Sun Valley Road Market Place early next year.

A special event will be held February 1, 2013.