Gladstone Ports Corporation’s new CEO Craig Doyle is ready for the challenge.
Gladstone Ports Corporation’s new CEO Craig Doyle is ready for the challenge. Luka Kauzlaric

Most difficult job for ports chief is keeping everyone happy

GLADSTONE Ports Corporation's new chief Craig Doyle believes his biggest challenge will be keeping all the different stakeholders happy.

While he says he's still getting up to speed on the major issues, he has laid down a two-and-a-half year deadline to gauge the success of the corporation's transition to a new CEO.

With the help of the GPC's 50-year plan, he says the fundamentals are in place, but the focus was making sure the business was running properly for outsiders to say the transition was successful.

Mr Doyle described Gladstone as a vibrant place that had exploded in growth since his last visit a decade ago, and he hoped that rather than competing with the previous chief, Leo Zussino, he could complement what had already been achieved at the port.

"One of the biggest challenges is making sure the GPC in two-and-a-half years can say it grew and it expanded dramatically and it was able to satisfy all its stakeholders and run an efficient business," he said.

His first week of induction has included walking down a coal tunnel and checking out the harbour by air, but he said although he was dealing with a different product, he still had the same corporate responsibility and responsibility for the community and the environment.

"You've got community, the government, coal companies, LNG companies, and then of course your own employees, so it's quite a unique range of stakeholders," he said.

Mr Doyle said he was a "massive fan of accountability" and there wouldn't be dramatic changes unless they were needed.

"We're happy to tell people what we're doing and why we're doing it, and then stand by our results," he said.

His top priority was safety because "one injury is one too many in my view", and he was impressed with the work the GPC did in the community.

"We're not going to drop off on that at all. Hopefully if anything we can strengthen it if we can."

Mr Doyle's first week:

  • Experienced the port from a helicopter
  • Presented the $20,000 proceeds from Botanic to Bridge
  • Been out to the RG Tanna coal terminal
  • Flown over Port Alma
  • Meeting employees
  • Internal meetings