Apple's newest MacBook Pro range features a slimmer form and USB-C connections.
Apple's newest MacBook Pro range features a slimmer form and USB-C connections.

New MacBook cheaper than iPhone

APPLE could be working on a brand new version of the MacBook Air that's genuinely affordable and would cost less than an iPhone.

The firm's laptops have always been priced very high, but that may be about to change in 2018, The Sun reports.

One industry expert claimed the new model could cost under $1000.

The rumours began when a top tech analyst suggested that Apple was building a cheaper MacBook model.

The highly respected Ming-Chi Kuo issued a pair of investor notes detailing his predictions, which were obtained by 9to5mac.

In the notes, he says the new model with launch "with a lower price tag" during the second quarter of 2018 - that means before July.

Right now, the cheapest MacBook in the Australian Apple store is $1499 for the 13 inch MacBook Air, or $1899 for the regular MacBook.

But speaking to The Sun, tech expert Daniel Ives said the new price could be far lower.

"We believe a lower priced MacBook Air will be introduced over the coming months as Apple's looking to capture demand with a more digestible price," the GBH Insights analyst said.

"We believe $US799 ($A1226) and possible $US699 ($A900) will be the prices for this next version," he added.

That means Apple could be shaving as much a $400 to $600 off the price of a new MacBook Air.

It also means Apple could be selling the new MacBook for less than the new iPhone 8.

Ives said that Apple will introduce the new pricing to "stimulate demand", and called it a "smart strategy".

Apple has not commented on the reports.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was republished here with permission.