Gladstone Cinemas staff Joanne Tierney and Samantha Roberts try out the new big screen cinema beds.
Gladstone Cinemas staff Joanne Tierney and Samantha Roberts try out the new big screen cinema beds. Jessica Perkins

New and comfy arrival at Gladstone Cinemas

GLADSTONE Cinemas is taking bedtime stories to a whole new level.

For almost a week the business has offered four queen-sized beds to customers wanting a more comfortable cinema experience.

Gladstone Cinemas general manager Melissa Struik said they have received positive feedback so far.

"We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback so far and the launch went better than I anticipated,” Ms Struik said.

"We are excited about launching something new to the people of Gladstone.”

Ms Struik said staff at the cinemas went "above and beyond” to deliver a high standard at Wednesday's launch.

"Our customers decided it was almost too good to be true after relaxing in this new level of comfort,” she said.

There are four queen-sized beds in one of the cinemas and each bed can hold up to three people.

She said the age limit is three years and over, and they recommend that children are accompanied by an adult.

Ms Struik said by introducing the big screen beds, they are hoping to offer different viewing experiences.

"This makes your next visit or occasion with us extra special,” Ms Struik said.

"Once proven successful, we will roll out a few different concepts to other auditoriums.

"This is just the beginning.

"(We) look forward to bringing you different types of seating and viewing experiences in the near future.”

Ms Struik said the Gold Room is only available for those over the age of 18, so the big screen cinema beds offer families, teenagers and children "the opportunity to enjoy a different type of screening”.

Customers using the big screen beds can buy candy bar snacks and treats and have it delivered to them in the theatre.

Ms Struik said the bedding is changed after every use.

This included pillow cases, sheets and blankets.

"Hygiene is paramount,” she said.

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