Nesian Mystik band members are all 30 going on 17

WHEN New Zealand group Nesian Mystik get together for a gig, they are like 17-year-old boys again.

The six-member band produces music with an RnB, hip-hop and reggae twist with a Polynesian flavour.

They come from Mouri, Tongan and Cook Island backgrounds.

Nesian Mystik are coming to Gladstone on Saturday for a gig, ready to get their groove on.

Pulse spoke to vocalist Te Awanui Reeder or "Awa" this week to find out what it means to be in the band.

The guys started jamming together in high school and now they are 30 year olds who travel Australia and New Zealand on tour.

"We are like brothers and we get really excited when we can catch up with each other," Awa said.

"We are living all over the place so it's a bit hard to get us together.

"When we get together we are 17 again and I apologise if we seem like idiots!"

Playing in Gladstone appealed to all the guys, hoping to see a blend of cultures in the crowd.

"They (our songs) remind people of home, that's why a lot of Kiwis come to our shows," Awa said.

"But there's a lot of Aussie RnB and hip-hop lovers who just want to dance. It's about 50/50.

"People are digging us and it reminds us of why we started."

BE THERE: Upbeat New Zealand band Nesian Mystik is playing live at the Harvey Road Tavern on Saturday.
BE THERE: Upbeat New Zealand band Nesian Mystik is playing live at the Harvey Road Tavern on Saturday.

Awa said he was looking forward to experiencing the Gladstone lifestyle while he was here.

"The thing we love is seafood and we heard Gladstone is the seafood capital of Australia," he said.

"We heard it's a really beautiful place."

Nesian Mystik's members don't work in the band fulltime, enjoying a number of different jobs.

The guitarist is an engineer for a living.

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"Music is a hobby that pays really well," Awa said. "I perform as a solo artist in Japan and Hawaii.

Guitarist engineer for a living. I have an online radio station, I write music for people all over the world and I am studying my language at uni.

"It's cool. It's hard to say what I do for a living. I might be a gardener tomorrow!"

Awa encouraged the public to check out the show which he promised would be full of energy, good vibes and lots of fun.

"We have performed these songs so many times and we are really good when we are on," he said.

"There's a lot of joking around and we laugh loud. Come and say hi."


  • Harvey Road Tavern on Saturday
  • Doors open from 8pm
  • 18+ event
  • Tickets available at the bar for $40