HAIR TODAY: Janelle Giles from Nellys Barber Shop, Gladstone
HAIR TODAY: Janelle Giles from Nellys Barber Shop, Gladstone Matt Taylor GLA090518HAIR

Nelly finds her niche in mens' retro fashion

BARBER Shops are making a comeback and Janelle 'Nelly' Giles is leading the way with a modern woman's touch to a male dominated occupation.

Last week Janelle opened Nelly's Barber Shop at the Gladstone Marina cutting her way into bringing short back and sides, back in style.

"This has been an awesome career change as I was born in Gladstone and grew up here," she said.

"The local guys have been supportive of the barber shop and I have been very busy since opening."

Making a career change with a difference has not been easy, but Nelly had been prepared to roll up her sleeves and shave off any doubts she might have had.

Now that renovations are finished, the former hairdresser and receptionist said she was excited about her future prospects.

"Lately you'll find a lot more female barbers taking up this profession," she said.

Customers won't see any traditional red and white striped poles or the waiting table covered with old, out of date sports and car magazines.

The barber shop has a modern style to blend in with the rich surroundings of the Gladstone Marina.

"I have gone with an earthy look to blend in with the marina and the environment around here," she said.

"The marina spot came up and it's a good location so hopefully this will help bring more people to such a beautiful place."

Nelly had an enticing incentive to encourage customer clientele to her barber shop with a complimentary Great Northern beer or a water.

Nelly's Barber Shop is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 6pm and Friday 9am to 5pm.