Silvester Zak and his wife, Pamela, leave Maroochydore court.
Silvester Zak and his wife, Pamela, leave Maroochydore court. John McCutcheon

Neighbourhood feud: allegations of cat murder and assault

AN ELDERLY man made allegations of cat murder during a months-long neighbourhood feud and punched the step-mother of a man he accused of assaulting him, a court heard.

Silvester Zak claimed he was assaulted in February 2017 near his Sarena Court, Sunrise Beach, home by Ben Isaac Taylor who pleaded not-guilty to a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm in Maroochydore District Court.

On the second day of trial, Judge Glen Cash told the jury the Crown wouldn't be proceeding with the charge against Mr Taylor, "in light of the way the evidence has emerged".

During Mr Zak's evidence, he claimed to have no memory of the incident and it was revealed he harboured animosity towards Mr Taylor's step-mother because of her dog grooming business.


Ben Isaac Taylor (left) arrives at Maroochydore court.
Ben Isaac Taylor arrives at Maroochydore court. John McCutcheon

He said strangers would frequently knock on his door to ask where her business was, do U-turns in his driveway and he further believed the business was the reason his insurance increased by $400.

Mr Zak was sentenced to a good behaviour bond in Noosa Magistrates Court in April 2016 after he pleaded guilty to assaulting her.

When Mr Taylor's barrister, Kevin Kelso questioned Mr Zak about the incident, he denied punching her in the arm.

Mr Zak had also accused her of shooting and killing his cat.

When pressed by Mr Kelso, Mr Zak's wife Pamela said her husband had been emotionally and mentally abusive towards her and she had considered filing for divorce around the time the alleged assault occurred.

"He can get a little bit hot and angry about things, but he's never laid a hand on anybody and never had any association with the law prior to all this stuff going on."

The single charge against Mr Taylor was dropped and he walked free from court with his family.