AGING GRACEFULLY: Mundubbera resident Victor Michael Geck is turning 90-years-old next Wednesday.
AGING GRACEFULLY: Mundubbera resident Victor Michael Geck is turning 90-years-old next Wednesday. Philippe Coquerand

Nearing 90 years of age with health on his side

MUNDUBBERA man Victor Michael Geck will be turning 90-years-old on Wednesday, June 6.

Born at the Mundubbera Hospital in 1928, Mr Geck is well recognised within the community for working as a motor mechanic for almost six decades.

Mr Geck began working at Wilson's Garage (located next to the Central and North Burnett Times), now called Mundubbera Parts and Tools, in 1942 and retired in 2001.

Reminiscing on the "good old days,” Mr Geck said he'd seen a lot of changes take place.

"We used to have an old picture theatre here in Mundubbera, where the town hall is now, we used to climb on the awning and look straight down on the pictures, they were silent pictures but we were only 5-years-old,” he said.

"Imagine nowadays a five-year-old racing around town? But we used to do it.”

Mr Geck fondly remembers spending time fishing at the Burnett River and learning how to drive a car at just six-years-old.

"There was no phones back then so a lot of people spent time by the river fishing or swimming,” he said.

"My father worked for council on a steam roller and he went out west in the Great Depression when there was no work around.

"Once he had a bit of money he bought a cream run out to Mundowran and that's where I learnt to drive, we would drive the truck back into town after the last pick-up, we were only six-years-old.”

Mr Geck married his wife, Delphine Agnes, on June 9, 1951.

They had four boys named Kelvin (Mackay), Davin (Ipswich), Linsey (Maryborough) and Philip (Seventeen Seventy).

Mr Geck has no regrets.

"I've had lots of fun, we used to pinch watermelons across the river and sneak across the bridge while the policeman drove across,” he said.

Mr Geck remembers fondly the dances held in Mundubbera.

"You used to hop in the back of the truck and attend the dances,” he said.

"Everyone piled in on the cream truck and we went to Eidsvold, Burnestown, Gooroolba and through to Gayndah and Derri Derra.

As Mr Geck turns 90 next week, he's pleased to say he'll be driving for another year.

"I've had my license since I was 16 years old,” he said.

"I just passed my eye sight test recently and I'll be holding my licence up until next week.”