The Navy is an exciting career choice for women.
The Navy is an exciting career choice for women. ABIS Richard Cordell

Navy provides career opportunities with adventure

THE Navy provides a supportive, modern culture for women looking for a career with lots of adventure.

In fact, every single job in the Navy is now open to women following the government's removal of gender restrictions from ADF combat roles.

So whether you're interested in a career in engineering or technical trades, combat or security, healthcare, logistics or business administration, there is a Navy role that is right for you.

It's an exciting career choice for women with incredible benefits you will not find anywhere else.

The lifestyle

A Navy career is about adventure, friendships and doing work that is challenging and rewarding. Part of this experience means spending time at sea, especially in the early part of your career.

When you're at sea, you'll enjoy working in a highly professional Navy team and get to work with people from other Navies during exercises or operations.

Deployments also include visits to foreign ports in some amazing places where you'll get time to enjoy the local sights whenever possible.

When you're based ashore, you'll work at one of our Naval bases or headquarters, where you'll have opportunities to catch up with friends and family, play sports, or pursue your hobbies. To help achieve this balance, the Navy offers flexible work arrangements including part-time and varied working hours- particularly during times when life's challenges arise or the demands of family life need to take priority.

Pay and benefits

Firstly, you will be fully paid to complete your initial training, and once you have successfully completed this you will enjoy an attractive salary and benefits you simply will not find anywhere else.

There is also full medical and dental cover, travel and leave entitlements, a generous super package, rental assistance and even homebuyer's subsidy once you are eligible. For expectant mothers, we provide 52 full weeks of maternity leave once you have completed 12 months of effective service.

We'll also meet the full costs of your pregnancy. You'll also have the opportunity to increase your base salary as you gain more experience, undertake sea service or complete specialist training.

For more information on careers in the Navy, Army or Air Force visit the Defence Force Recruiting Stand, or contact 13 19 01