Conditions mean Abbot won't become 'another Gladstone'

CHAIRMAN and chief executive of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Russell Reichelt has responded to claims of negligence, claiming Abbot Point will not become 'another Gladstone'.

"I can assure you that GBRMPA understands strongly the need to learn the lessons from past port developments, including ones like Gladstone that fall outside of the Marine Park," he said.

"Much of the criticism of the development at Gladstone Harbour centred on monitoring and who was doing it."

Mr Reichelt reiterated that 'strict conditions' imposed upon the Abbot Point development would ensure the overall health of the marine park, using Townsville as a contrary example of how a port can be managed safely.

Right to Information (FOI) documents recently obtained by Greenpeace claim marine life recovering from ongoing threats were not adequately addressed within the environmental impact assessment.