Nanny state regulations scupper beloved festival parade

IT'S been a tradition for so many years, and it will be a great disappointment not to see the grand parade kick off this year's Gladstone Harbour Festival.

However, it becomes totally understandable once you realise just how complicated the new regulations are around such events.

Events body admits mistakes with parade still off cards

It seems rather ridiculous that the event can't take place unless we have 17 police officers at various points around the route, and that hordes of volunteers have to be trained to close off streets.

But that's the way the world is going - to most it would seem way over the top.

You start to wonder what might happen next. Is the hugely popular raft race in jeopardy because someone might fall off a raft?

With the way things are going, that's not beyond the realms of possibility - and that would certainly endanger the future of one of our region's most significant events.

From what we understand, nobody has been seriously injured at the parade; so why make it all so difficult?