Who were Gladstone 14 drink drivers caught recently?
Who were Gladstone 14 drink drivers caught recently?

NAME AND SHAME: 10 people caught drink driving in region

POLICE have released details of the drivers who were caught drink driving over the past week and where they were nabbed, with the highest reading 0.141 at Tannum Sands.

Calliope Road Policing Commander Senior Sergeant Shaune English said there was no public road that did not come under attention from police, and the statistics below prove exactly that.

“It doesn’t matter where you are or when it is, police will be out and about, and if you do the wrong thing, you will get caught,” Snr Sgt English said,

When Kyhan Windred got behind the wheel he didn’t think he would get caught, but after more than the standard amount of drinks, police were there.

The 37-year-old was caught high-range drink driving with a BAC of 0.141 on Latrobe Street, Tannum Sands and was convicted and fined $600, plus suspended from driving for three months.

It’s not known whether the driver supervising 18-year-old learner Rueben Mann knew what he had to drink.

But police do, and he was caught at just 0.009, despite needing a blood alcohol concentration of zero applicable as a learner, on Hampton Drive at Tannum Sands.

Mr Mann was disqualified from driving for three months and fined $400.

Getting behind the wheel in Calliope proved Jakim Oswald’s downfall, the 36-year-old recording a reading of 0.106.

He was convicted and fined $1800 and will be off the road for four months.

Fourteen months is how long Colin White has without a licence.

The 39-year old was caught on Roberts Street in Gladstone, registering a BAC of 0.097.

Mr White was convicted and fined $1800.

Vadi Rogan took to possibly Queensland’s busiest road, the Bruce Highway, after a few drinks and was caught at Colosseum registering 0.083.

The 48-year-old was convicted and fined $900 and suspended from driving for six months.

James Simpson was in Rockhampton when police nabbed him on Moores Creek Road registering 0.081.

The 40-year-old was suspended for one month, convicted and fined $700.

Pine Avenue in Gladstone will be a street Hamish Nordlorf won’t forget, after he was caught registering 0.057.

The 22-year-old will spend three months off the road and was fined $300.

Jacqueline Hindmarsh came to police attention on McDonald Street in Gladstone.

After registering 0.052, the 34-year-old was placed on probation for 12 months and suspended from driving for three months.

Elijah Leather, 20, thought it was safe to drive along Handley Drive at Boyne Island.

But police caught him recording a reading of 0.046, suspending him for three months and imposing a $300 fine.

Callide Crescent at Barney Point was the doomed location for 20-year-old Kyle Blake, who registered a reading of 0.023.

Not yet on his full licence, Mr Blake was suspended for three months, and convicted and fined $400.