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MYSTERY WOMAN: Town's chilling tale still told today

SEEING as it's the spookiest time of year, we thought it was the perfect time to share Gladstone's most popular scary story.

For more than 14 years, the tale about the mystery woman on Gladstone Benaraby Rd has been shared by residents.

And while people new to the region may not know it, seeing a woman as pale as stone wandering around is way too common.


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In fact, it may as well be a rite of passage.

In 2003, a former Gladstone resident told The Observer about the night she and her friend saw a ghostly woman walking along the winding road near the Toolooa bends boat ramp while they were driving through at 11.30pm.

"We wondered if we should stop, but we were too scared. We called the cops and reported it straight away.

"It was really eerie ... She looked real. We thought it was a person, but something about her, we knew wasn't right.

"She was standing as if she was hanging. Horrible."

And at least 12 years later, the same terrifying experience befell others passing through the area.

On March 22, 2015, Gladstone Benaraby Rd was shut for almost half an hour after police received reports of a woman wandering across the road.

A driver said they almost ran the woman over and another said she had been crying and walking erratically up the road.

The officers confirmed they had also seen the woman, but by the time their car had u-turned, she had disappeared.

Another resident said she had seen the same woman staggering down the road in 2014.

"She had her knees bent in. It looked painful," she said.

"We stopped to see if she needed help, but she had already disappeared.