Warwick Show 2018. Merran.
Warwick Show 2018. Merran. Marian Faa

Mystery father leaves woman with no name

MERRAN is missing the very thing most people think of as the very core of their identity.

She has travelled the globe and even been to Antarctica, but her passport is different to most: Merran doesn't have a last name.

Born to an Irish gypsy mother and a father she didn't know, Merran grew up with her mother's surname, but when she came of age she decided she just wanted to be Merran.

"I just liked being me, I've been Merran all my life and that's just me," she said.

As a gypsy's daughter, Merran was right at home among the colourful stalls and carnival displays at the Warwick Show last weekend.

"My mother grew up I Australia, she was young when she came out from Ireland."

Her mother's gypsy streak stuck with Merran, whose love of travel is out of this world.

"I have been all over the globe and I just can't wait to get in the plane again," she said.

"The only place I haven't been is Greenland."

In all her travels, Merran has never met anyone else without a last name.

But jet setting around the world can be a little tricky when you don't have a surname on your passport.

When Merran arrived in India one day, the attendant at the immigration desk called the Australian Embassay to run an identity check on her before letting her enter the country.

Computers also have trouble with Merran's quirky name, and often she will have to put her first name twice just to satisfy the robots.

When working as a nurse in Warhope, the hospital gave her a name tage that read 'Merran X', which she rather liked.

"I was Madam X, which was pretty fun," Merran said.

But all the hassle is worth it for Merran, who is happy to be an individual.

"It's a very Irish name, I've always loved the name."