Laddie and his owner Felisa Sawilla.
Laddie and his owner Felisa Sawilla.

Driver’s sick act during horse hit-and-run

A HORSE was left with severe injuries after it was the victim of an overnight hit and run while it was in its paddock in Brisbane's western suburbs.

Felisa Sawilla's seven-year-old horse Laddie is undergoing extensive veterinary treatment after the incident that happened in the early hours of Saturday morning on Grandview Rd in Pullenvale.

"Someone came off the road and drove through the fence and hit my horse," she said.

"The people who did it must've collected all the evidence and tried to put the fence back up. They had enough time to try and make it look like nothing happened but left the horse," she said.


The fence the car crashed through at Pullenvale.
The fence the car crashed through at Pullenvale.

Laddie was found bleeding profusely but still standing in the paddock early the next morning.

The impact was so hard that the car pushed the fence into Laddie's chest, tearing muscle from the bone.

"The vet told me it's a nine out of 10 wound. Like 10's the worst," Ms Sawilla said.

Ms Sawilla launched a public appeal to find the driver so that her vet bill could be covered by insurance, but so far, they have not been found.


Laddie and Felisa in competition mode.
Laddie and Felisa in competition mode.

"The vet just said we're not taking any shortcuts. The bill is going to go through the roof," she said.

"It's just not fair on him - he's literally the most loving and caring horse I've ever met. For him to just be sleeping in the paddock … I cannot imagine how much he went through to be standing there for hours."

Laddie is receiving treatment several times a day, and is being cared for by Ms Sawilla and her friends.

"He's a show and dressage horse, but for me, it's not what's going to happen with his career - it's about what he had to go through. People just don't have respect for animals. It's not just a car they wrecked," she said.


Laddie and his owner Felisa Sawilla.
Laddie and his owner Felisa Sawilla.

"It could get infected, we don't know what his movement's like. We just have to see how he's going to pull through."

Ms Sawilla thinks the car is silver and must've been badly damaged in the crash.

"The driver is lucky to be alive," she said.

Anyone with information should contact police.

A fund has been established to help pay Laddie's vet bills.

It can be found at GoFundMe