HOME IN WARWICK: The Letta Me Out doll is described as the
HOME IN WARWICK: The Letta Me Out doll is described as the "doll from hell.”

Mystery surrounds 200-year-old 'haunted doll from hell'

ONE of the world's most haunted dolls is believed to be possessed by the dead and lives right here in the region.

The Letta Me Out doll lives in Warwick and is coming to Toowoomba later this month.

The 200-year-old haunted doll is described by some as the "doll from hell."

It has strange powers that terrify anyone who comes into contact with it.

It has appeared on television shows and in newspapers around the world.

The wooden, child-sized doll has been in Kerry Walton's possession for about 40 years after he stumbled across it underneath a haunted house in Wagga Wagga.

In the early 1970s, Mr Walton and his brother decided to explore the deserted house.

Letta Me Out doll is the world's second most haunted object.
Letta Me Out doll is the world's second most haunted object.

This was when he first laid eyes on Letta Me Out's grotesque face.

"I wasn't quite sure what it was, it was terrifying seeing that face in the dark," he said.

"He makes Chucky look like a Sunday school student."

When Mr Walton brought the doll back to his home in Queensland, strange things began to happen.

The first sign of the doll's eerie powers was when his two children woke up screaming one night saying the doll was talking and moving its head.

Many people over the years have also said they have seen it move.

It's not only humans who are freaked out by the doll.

Letta Me Out cannot be around any dogs.

"Dogs absolutely hate him, they try to attack him and bite him whenever he is around. Cats are indifferent but dogs can sense and feel things," Mr Walton said.

A few years after Letta Me Out joined the Waltons, the family was struggling financially so Mr Walton decided to sell the doll.

"We were really desperate for cash at the time so I drove him to a woman's home who was going to buy him for $400," he said.

"I physically couldn't get him out of the car. I can't explain it, it was some sort of force stopping me.

"These days I wouldn't sell him for a million dollars but to be honest I don't think I physically can."

Letta Me Out has appeared on many television programs and is often accompanied by a seance.

Mr Walton said each seance said the same thing.

"They believe the doll has a spirit of a young boy inside who died many years ago in a drowning," he said.

"That is why it always rains when I take him anywhere."

Mr Walton has had the doll checked out by scientists at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Based on the nails in his shoes they predict Letta Me Out is 200 years old and was hand-crafted by wandering gypsies in Eastern Europe.

It is made from wood, with real human hair, has glass eyes that see all and also has some sort of brain.

Letta Me Out and Mr Walton will be at Toowoomba House of Horrors on Saturday, October 29.

The event will be held at the Toowoomba Showgrounds and the doll will be on display and available for photographs.

Attendees can hold the dolls and get a photo snapped for $10.

For more information search Letta Me Out on Facebook.