The crab's underside will reveal its quality.
The crab's underside will reveal its quality. DAFF

The secret to picking up an A-grade crab

BOB Appo says there is a tried and true way of telling an A-grade crab from a C-grade one.

The practice is industry wide and wouldn't be a secret to any professional crabber but might come in handy to the amateurs.

"We'll turn them over and press the underside of the crabs next to their legs," he said.

"There are three plates and if they are all hard, then you've got yourself an A-grade crab."

If any of the plates are soft then you've got a B-grade or C-grade crab.

Mr Appo tries to steer clear of C-grade crabs but has been forced into harvesting them because of competition.

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"If this bloke is up there taking them then I've got to as well," he said.

He also said a healthy crab will look like chocolate and have more red on its claws.

He uses mullet to catch his crabs.