WHEN Natalie Turner felt claws dig into her foot midway through a yoga pose, she never expected to look up and see a cockatoo.

The Rockhampton fitness instructor made an unexpected feathered friend this morning when a wild Sulphur-crested cockatoo flew to her for help while she was doing yoga on Putney Beach at Great Keppel Island.

Ms Turner said the cockatoo was being attacked by other birds when it took shelter on her outstretched foot.

"I was about to do morning yoga when this guy found me,” Ms Turner said.

"I was shocked at first as the claws dug into my feet that were high in the air. I thought wow that's an odd feeling.

"I looked back and saw this beautiful cockatoo had landed on my toes. I was amazing that it had found me for salvation from the other birds trying to swoop it.”

Natalie Turner hangs out with Fred the cockatoo.
Natalie Turner hangs out with Fred the cockatoo. Contributed

Luckily, Ms Turner was videoing her yoga session when the unique experience occurred.

She later posted footage of the amazing encounter on social media where it has since gained close to 100 likes and countless comments.

Ms Turner, who is visiting GKI for a solo getaway, said the cockatoo who she has since named "Fred” stuck by her side all morning - even sharing a muesli bar with her while sun baking.

"I ended up making friends with this beauty. We hung out on the beach for the rest of the morning,” she said.

"It was the most amazing experience with nature that I have ever had. Made my island adventure the best trip I've had.”

And friendly Fred the cockatoo wasn't the only animal Ms Turner ran into at GKI.

"During my trip here I have seen whales, dolphins, blue tongue lizards, possums and so many fish and birds species. But my most memorable moments is on Putney beach with this beautiful bird,” she said.

"Sadly I return home this afternoon. But I will remember today forever.”