It's sad live music is being killed by robots having sex

HAS there been a better invention than music? Words can't describe the sheer power it holds, but I'll do my best.

It's an incredible thing to hear music, in its rawest form, at an intimate gig, a stadium show or even in a mate's backyard.

I'd give my left hand to be able to play guitar, but then I wouldn't be able to as I'd be missing a hand, so it's a vicious cycle.

If I could sing and play music I wouldn't work a day in my life. I'd throw a guitar over my shoulder and jump on a plane and never come back.

Fulfilling one of my life dreams by watching You Am I this year was incredible.

Seeing Timmy Rogers windmilling his guitar, belting out tunes to an adoring group of punters who absolutely lapped it up will stick with me for a long time.

The man was at the top of his game, a consummate showman.

It felt like Rogers' sole purpose for existence was to deliver that set, complete with a spine-tingling rendition of Berlin Chair to close.

It made me feel a sense of sadness too, that I would probably never have the opportunity to bring joy to that many people the way he did.

I watched a Swedish folk singer, The Tallest Man on Earth, in Brisbane once; it was just him and his guitar on stage.

He was just sitting there, doing his thing, with about 500 people in the palm of his hand.

The place was in absolute silence, captivated by this guy who sat on his stool and delivered a gig close to perfection.

Sure we were well pissed, but the bloke was Swedish, and could sing in English billions of times better than we'd ever dreamt of being able to.

While I think of myself as a bit of a Johnny Cash-esque baritone in the shower, I've heard my voice and it sounds more like a love child of Alf Stewart and Darren Lockyer, which is a shame.

I would give just about anything to be able to play music and travel the world making people's days a little brighter for having heard it.

So do the right thing, and support live music.

It's sadly a dying art being slowly killed by the rise of robots-having-sex (dub step) and there is nothing better than hearing a quality live band with some cold schooners.