MIXING IT UP: Deon Powter says he'll play everything from slow blues to Latin American this Saturday.
MIXING IT UP: Deon Powter says he'll play everything from slow blues to Latin American this Saturday. Shaun Watson Icono Images

Music makes us human, Brisbane musician says

IT WAS the favourite gig he's ever played - Agnes Blues Fest 2016.

Now Deon Powter is back and preparing to grip an Agnes Blues festival audience once again with songs from his soon-to be released first ever EP - Time to be Human.

Powter has taken his sweet time to reach this point.

The Brisbane-based blues-soul-country musician performed his first gig, age five at the Cambridge Hotel in Parkes NSW, alongside his father.

By the time he was 15, he'd left family behind and was headed for Australia's glitziest city.

"There's that bit where you see those fairy lights - that moment where you come over the mountain and you see the lights of Sydney - and you think 'this is it," Powter said.

At 16, Powter was playing gigs in pubs across Sydney while completing his HSC.

On finishing school, Powter and his band mates hit the road in an oversized milk truck they called Clyde, and performed their way across Australia.

"It was awesome, we just played everywhere from Darwin to the Victorian border," Powter said.

We kept the band gear in the bunk beds in back and we lived off bananas and jaffles."

Fast forward three and a half decades and while Powter's still playing live gigs he's now got a long list of songs he wants to record.

He wants to create a record for his children and his children's children to enjoy.

"In 2016 one of the audience members funded my first two songs to be recorded," Powter said.

"He opened my eyes to how easy it was."

Powter, who plays bass and guitar as well as singing, said he loves to play to a festival audience as they tend to be more receptive to new music.

He said he was excited to play songs from his first EP with a full band at Agnes.

"The music allows you just to let go," he said.

"While you identify with the lyrics on one level, on another level you can just dance.

"Music is part of what makes us human.

"It's not (about) 'this is what happened to me,' it's about 'this is what happened to all of us,' we all share the same emotions."

Time to be Human will be released on Saturday (the same day Powter will play at Agnes).