The mum shared her Dettol hack in a Facebook group. Source: Facebook
The mum shared her Dettol hack in a Facebook group. Source: Facebook

Mum washes herself and her son in Dettol

A mum has broken the internet after revealing that she regularly bathes herself and her eight-year-old son in Dettol.

You read that right - the UK mum tips two capfuls of the antiseptic liquid into her bath at least once a week, The Sun reported.

"Makes you feel so fresh. I love it," she posted on a Facebook group.

She later told the MailOnline that a Dettol bath is also her first port of call after her son has been "out playing and gets filthy or grazes his knees and elbows."

But fellow mums don't seem to be quite as convinced - expressing concerns about the smell of Dettol lingering after the bath.

"It stinks! Not a chance!" one mum commented.

"Would smell like a mop tho," another added.

"Wouldn't like to bath in Dettol who would want to smell of Dettol certainly not me I use it on my floors," one mum said.

Others were worried about the safety aspect - but Dettol said that the product is perfectly safe to bathe in as long as it's diluted.

This is where several mums jumped in to share their own love of a Dettol bath.

"Love a capful in the bath," one mum said.

"Makes the whole of upstairs smell super clean and is great for healing after a baby or operation."

"My Mum thinks I'm weird (probably right) but I love a Dettol bath. I use Dettol soap too with exfoliating gloves!" another added.

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This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.