"We left the beach sporting slight sunburns but nothing could prepare us for how Liam looked only 24 hours later." Jennifer Bradford Sayers | Facebook

Banana Boat warning: Mum posts shocking pictures

A MOTHER has taken to Facebook to warn others off a popular sunscreen after she said her child received second degree burns.

Jennifer Bradford Sayers from the US posted graphic photos of blisters and burns on her three-year-old son Liam's face after a day at the beach and multiple applications of Banana Boat kids SPF 50 spray on sunscreen.

"This is the hardest post I've written in a long while but I feel that other parents need to be warned about this product!" she wrote.

"Do not use Banana Boat kids spay sunscreen SPF 50!"

Ms Sayers from Belle Haven, Virginia said her family went to the beach on the weekend. 

Prior to arriving they applied Banana Boat brand sunscreen and then re-applied it at intervals during the five hours they were there.

"We left the beach sporting slight sunburns but nothing could prepare us for how Liam looked only 24 hours later.

"Liam has 1st, 2nd and possible 3rd degree burns on his nose and cheeks," she wrote.

She said her other son Caleb also had blistering on his shoulders but was "no where near as bad as Liam".

"My child may have scars for life now," Ms Sayers said.

Jennifer Bradford Sayers | Facebook

She urged other parents to do their research.

"Please do not use this product. Do not make the same mistake we did in thinking our child was protected from the suns damaging rays. 

"While we know no product is foolproof in its protection, this is completely unacceptable," she said.

Jennifer Bradford Sayers purchased the Banana Boat sunscreen product in the US and used it in the US. This author has been advised the US the industry is regulated differently from Australia and sunscreen formulas are completely different. 

However, in January, NSW mother Melissa McCaull made headlines after posting photos of her nine-year-old son Damien's burns after covering him "head-to-toe" in Banana Boat sunscreen.



"[I'm] furious that I put my trust in a product, your product, that for years has been marketed as a reliable sunscreen. This is not at all right or acceptable and Banana Boat needs to be held accountable," she wrote in a Facebook post on the Banana Boat Facebook page.

Ms McCaull said her son looked like an "overripe tomato" with blisters on his cheeks and lips and was crying so much from the pain she was "ready to walk into every shop that sold your product and dispose of it".

She said Banana Boat responded to her post with an "I'm sorry" and replacement products.

At the time, the Sydney Morning Herald reported Banana Boat's parent company Edgewell Personal Care said they sometimes receive complains of sunburn during summer.

"During summer we sometimes receive complaints from consumers who have experienced sunburn," Edgewell's marketing director Rachel Pullicino told SMH.

She said the company was not aware of any specific issues with the sunscreen Ms McCaull used and like all sunscreens sold in Australia, they met tough standards and comply with Therapeutic Goods Administration regulations.

"We want to reassure our consumers that we are confident that all Banana Boat sunscreen products labelled with an SPF offer the stated level of SPF if stored and applied as directed on the label," Ms Pullicino said.

But a quick look at the Banana Boat Australia Facebook page and there are other more recent complaints about sunburn following regular applications of their sunscreens.

"Definitely not a fan of your products Banana Boat... Re applied 5-6 times yesterday while out and still got extremely burnt. Have you skimmed on some of your ingredients? Also purchased the Aloe Vera soothing gel and noticed Aloe Vera was one of the last ingredients. First being water and alcohol? You might want to change the name of the product," Christie Daley wrote.

"I brought Banana Boat sport 50+. I applied sun screen every 2 hrs as I'm pretty fair skinned. I could feel myself still getting sun burnt thou. I did take to the Shade but still I'm extremely sun burnt. I feel that your product didn't protect my skin. I have photos if you would like to see," wrote Bargara resident, Channie Splitt‎. 

"I used Banana Boat spray on sunscreen on Australia Day this year and came out extremely burnt with my legs being the worst. I had the biggest blister I have ever seen on my leg and I ended up with an infection from it all. I also got burnt on my chest, arms, face and back but my legs got the brunt of it all. It took weeks to get better from it and I think I am still healing. I could not go in the sun for ages or even get too hot because I would blister straight away. Now if I get too hot then my legs get really dry and itchy. I spent a couple of days in agony because it was painful to walk and if I sat down too long, then I was stiff when I got up again!! I had other smaller blisters appear and my skin was hot to touch as well," wrote Amanda Draper‎ from Ellenbrook in WA.

Banana Boat Australia replied to all of these comments.