The wreckage after this woman’s 12-year-old son went on a violent rampage.
The wreckage after this woman’s 12-year-old son went on a violent rampage. Rob Williams

Young boy goes on rampage

A DISTRAUGHT mother has told how her 12-year-old boy went on a rampage with an axe, meat cleaver, knives and a hammer before being brought down by a police taser.

In the latest of a string of disturbing violent outbursts, the boy completely destroyed his own bedroom before threatening to assault his mother, aunty and police officers at his Churchill home on Sunday afternoon.

Police confirmed that they confronted the boy about 2.10pm, using their tasers to restrain and disarm him in the backyard of the Brisbane St residence.

He was taken the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, where he was expected to remain under observation until at least Friday.

With her home now resembling a “war zone” – the mother yesterday told The Queensland Times she was not ready to have her son return home so soon after the episode.

She said she had exhausted every avenue in the search for an answer to what was wrong with her son, who first showed signs of mental illness at age four but worsened when placed on Asperger’s Syndrome medication at the age of eight.

“I feel as though my son has been placed into the too-hard basket,” she said.

“They just keep giving him more and more medication and sending him home – in my opinion they are second-guessing his treatment.”

Just three days prior to Sunday’s incident – last Thursday – police were called to the boy’s home after he swung a metal bar at his mother.

He then climbed about three metres up into a tree and it took several hours for police to talk him into coming down.

The boy’s mother said she lived in fear of what could happen if her son’s condition was allowed to fester, but so far health authorities had been unwilling to take any serious action, despite her pleas.

His mental illness manifests in debilitating paranoia.

“He thinks people are talking about him, and he responds to that with anger,” his mother said.

She said she was worried about the high dosage of the schizophrenia drug Seroquel that had been prescribed to her son, suggesting it had contributed to his problems.

“I have been to at least a dozen different doctors – and that’s not including the psychiatrists, anger management people and all the other specialists,” she said.

“I think he needs to be placed in a facility, taken off all drugs and assessed – he’s never been assessed or observed properly.”

Police did not wish to comment on Sunday’s incident, however the boy’s mother – despite being deeply traumatised – was not overly critical of the police officers’ use of the taser, saying her son was clearly a threat to the safety of others.