Leticia Ann Mackay.
Leticia Ann Mackay.

Mum punches youths in face and threatens to shoot dogs

'I'M FROM the Gold Coast and I'll f--k you up' was the statement Leticia Ann Mackay screamed at two youths before punching them both in the face at a Mackay skate park.

The 39-year-old mother-of-two appeared from the docks of Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday charged with four counts of public nuisance and one count each of assault or obstruct police and failure to appear. She pleaded guilty to all charges.

Mackay's string of offending began on the afternoon of September 1, 2017 when Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Duncan Erskine said police were called to her home in Tay Street, South Mackay following reports of a street disturbance.

"At 3.20pm police received a 000 call about a female in the street who was saying she'll get a gun and shoot people and their dogs," Snr Const Erskine said.

Snr Const Erskine said police located Mackay, who was under the influence of alcohol, at the scene yelling at her neighbour's dogs as they were barking.

Police gave Mackay advice and left but were called back soon after with reports Mackay had crossed the road and was yelling and swearing at the dogs saying she was going to 'f--king shoot them if they don't shut up'.

Snr Const Erskine said Mackay screamed at her neighbour 'I will shoot those f--king dogs and you and your whole family. I'll get my glock and shoot you and your family'. Police again attended and charged Mackay with public nuisance.

Some time later, police received multiple 000 calls about a disturbance at the skate park on Milton St and when they arrived, Snr Const Erskine said they found Mackay in the middle of another altercation.

"She was yelling at youths and was grossly intoxicated with her two year old daughter. She was arrested and when she was in the back of the police car, she began to head butt and hit the glass window and then started kicking the glass window," he said.

"She asked for a smoke and when the youths told her no, she said 'f--k you then you f--king white c--t dogs, I'm from the Gold Coast and I'll f--k you up. She then punched two male youths in the face with a closed fist and then picked up her pram and swung it at a third youth, hitting him in the front of the legs."

On September 4 at 7.30am Snr Const Erskine said police received a call to say Mackay again causing a disturbance in Tay St regarding barking dogs. He said school children were in the area at the time.

"She crossed the street to where the dogs were barking and was hitting the fence antagonising them," Snr Const Erskine said.

"She was yelling at her neighbour across the street calling her a 'f--kwit and a s--t and said 'I'm going to wipe the smile straight off your face and shoot those dogs'.

Police attended at 9.40am and Mackay said she and her children were sick and the barking dogs kept waking them up.

A few days later, at 10.30am on September 10, police received 000 calls about a disturbance at the Binnington Esplanade park and playground.

Snr Const Erskine said Mackay was at the park with her ex-partner and children when she began arguing with her ex and shouted offensive language such as 'c--t' and f--k repeatedly in vicinity of many people including children and the elderly.

On October 29 at 8.24pm, Snr Const Erskine said police attended Mackay's Tay St address as she was wanted on two warrants for failing to appear in court .

"She was arrested and called police 'dumb c--ts' and 's--ts' as they walked her to the police vehicle she kept yelling," he said.

"When Mackay reached the police vehicle she put her hands on the vehicle, tensed her arms and tried to push off the vehicle and continued to yell abuse at police.

"While in custody at the Mackay Police Station, Mackay threatened to find police when they were not on duty and kill them."

Defence lawyer Daniel Guerin, of Legal Aid Queensland, said Mackay was a stay-at-home-mum who does not own a gun and has an underlying issue of alcohol abuse.

He said she had lost custody of her two children, aged three and two, who now live with their father in North Mackay.

In sentencing, Acting Magistrate Ronald Muirhead told Mackay her behaviour was completely out of order and warned further similar offending would see her behind bars.

Magistrate Muirhead recorded convictions for all offences and sentenced Mackay to two months prison for each public nuisance offence to be served concurrently.

For the assault or obstruct police and failure to appear charges, Mackay was sentenced to one month for each offence.

Magistrate Muirhead granted Mackay immediate parole for four months under strict conditions.