A Toowoomba mother was handed a two year probation term to help her beat drug addiction.
A Toowoomba mother was handed a two year probation term to help her beat drug addiction.

Mum on ‘last leg’ after six drug driving convictions

ELIZABETH Marie Higgins will be jailed if she is caught driving while affected by methamphetamine again.

This was the massage from Magistrate Graham Lee when he sentenced the 37-year-old Toowoomba mother for her fifth and sixth drug driving convictions.

"This is the last leg for you," he said.

The Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard yesterday that police intercepted Higgins driving along Geddes St, about 9.30am on January 8.

Officers again stopped Higgins in Alderley St, on May 25.

Prosecutor Leea Trewin said that on both occasions roadside saliva tests returned positive readings for meth.

For the defence, solicitor Joe McConnell said his client had a violent upbringing that saw her leave home at age 13 and introduced in intravenous methamphetamine use when she was 16-years-old.


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"She later joined the Australian Defence Force and was stationed at Oakey," said.

McConnell said his client made several successful efforts to get off drugs but relapsed during times of stress.

In sentencing Mr Lee noted that a three-month term of imprisonment would be appropriate after six convictions for drug driving.

However, he was concerned that it would not be long enough to help Higgins beat her addiction

After Higgins pleaded guilty to two counts of drug driving Mr Lee sentenced her to two-years probation and disqualified her from holding a driver's licence for two years.