The woman’s two children sat in her car as she stole the donated items.
The woman’s two children sat in her car as she stole the donated items.

Mum-of-seven steals donations from Dalby charity

A MUM-of-seven put on a poor display for her two young children who watched she targeted a Dalby charity, stealing six bags worth of donations in front of employees.

Police prosecutor sergeant Derek Brady told Dalby Magistrates Court police received a call from employees of the Lifeline centre on the corner of Patrick and Nicholson Sts in Dalby.

The employees informed police the defendant, Penny Lorraine Aubrey, was stealing bags of donations that were lying outside the building.

Upon arriving at the depot, police observed Aubrey, 47, at her car parked outside the building, with her two 10-year-old twins sitting in the back seats.

Police observed a bag of toys in the front seat, and Aubrey told the police she had swapped the bag in her car with another bag of donations.

When the police found five other bags of donations in the boot of her car, Aubrey admitted she hadn’t donated to the charity, and she was aware that she was stealing from the charity.

Duty lawyer Clare Graham described Aubrey’s actions as “opportunistic”, and said the mum-of-seven was in Dalby attempting to buy a house so she could move her family from Melbourne where they currently live after the death of her mother.

Aubrey pleaded guilty to stealing and was fined $250 by magistrate Tracy Mossop.

A conviction was recorded.