Mum of five supplied marijuana, meth to drug traffickers

A Central Queensland mother with a long history of drug use has repeatedly avoided rehabilitation programs and offered to supply drugs to a drug trafficker whose partner – a want-to-be gangster – planned to rob a police station to get his drugs back.

Leann Tracy Jaraminas, 45, pleaded guilty on March 5 in Rockhampton District Court to 11 counts of supplying a dangerous drug.

Crown prosecutor Alana Murray said Jaraminas’s supplies were detected while police were listening to the phone calls of convicted Biloela drug traffickers Beau Rasmussen and Erin Dawn Green.

Ms Murray said the supplies were an escalation in Jaraminas’ offending as she had one conviction of supply and one of produce a dangerous drug on her nine-page criminal record, both for marijuana.

The supplies Jaraminas made to Green in 2019 were mostly personal use amounts of marijuana along with some methamphetamines and one count for ecstasy.

Not all of the offers to supply took place.

Ms Murray said Jaraminas’ criminal record included seven convictions for possessing dangerous drugs, 13 for possessing drug utensils, 10 breaches of bail, eight contravene police direction, five breaches of probation orders, three breaches of suspended sentences and a breach of an intensive correction order.

Jaraminas, a mother of five, also had an eight-page traffic record with three drug drive convictions.

Reports compiled for previous sentencing of Jaraminas showed she repeatedly either sporadically engaged or did not engage with probation and parole, nor did she engage with rehabilitation services as directed.

She even continued using drugs while on probation or parole, returning a positive drug test which contained marijuana and meth.

Jaraminas’ supply offences breached a suspended sentence handed down in Biloela Magistrates Court in December 2017.

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Jaraminas’ residence was searched on June 17, 2019, after she was detected by police three months earlier.

Defence barrister Maree Willey said some of the offers to supply involved her client being the middle man for her now former partner.

She said Jaraminas’ criminal history was typical of someone who had struggled with drug abuse for some time.

Ms Willey said Jaraminas claimed she no longer used meth and had significantly reduced her marijuana use.

She tendered a letter from Drug Arm which stated Jaraminas had been attending since November.

Ms Willey said her client had also obtained a mental health plan from her doctor and was on the waiting list for Gumbi Gumbi.

She said Jaraminas looked after her 17 year old who has anorexia nervosa.

The court heard three of Jaraminas’ other children were adults and the youngest lived with their father.

Ms Willey said her client had a difficult and dysfunctional childhood with domestic violence in the home and Jaraminas being sexually abused as a child.

She said Jaraminas told her mother about the sexual abuse when she was 12, but her mother didn’t believe her and Jaraminas ran away from home, living on the streets for two months.

Ms Willey said while Jaraminas was living in a shelter, she met the father of her first child. The child was born when she was 15.

Judge Jeff Clarke asked if Jaraminas had ever undergone counselling for her trauma, stating research had shown trauma at a young age made it difficult for victims to construct normal lives.

Ms Willey said no, but it had been discussed with Drug Arm.

Judge Clarke said Jaraminas had a “largely chaotic life marked by use of dangerous drugs”.

He said her childhood provided some understanding of what happened to her as an adult.

Judge Clarke said drug use may have been a way to try and escape her past.

He ordered Jaraminas to 15 months prison, declared one day presentence custody, activated the one month prison suspended sentence in full and gave Jaraminas immediate parole.


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